Still Unnamed…

Still Unnamed…

ocean sunset still unnamed - Copyright 2017. ILIA. All Rights Reserved.

“This is gorgeous!” T.D.
“Ethereal” M.E.
“My favorite! looks like a sunset – my Mom used to say it was the ‘Hour of the Pearl'” S.S.
“Dancing Smoke.” W.B.
“Filaments of Joy” H.D.
“Gossamer Create or WHOOSH!” R.K.
“Ooh, I like it!!!” M.M.
“Love it!” S.M.
“Flowing and free.” L.D.
“Fairy Bird” H.G.
“Sunrise over the ocean.” L.S.L.
“Absolutely fabulous! This really struck me as totally aesthetic! Make it Free Spirit.” P.H.R.
“Ooooo this is really pretty!” C.E.
“beautiful” B.D.
“Glass marbles. They always fascinated me.” E.S.
“Graceful velocity” P.S.
“Just beautiful! Aesthetic, light, I really love it. ‘Something out of nothing.'” D.L.
“Setting Sun Fantasia” D.M.
“What an amazing creation – dancing sunlight.” V.B.
“It looks like a beautiful sunset with the light dancing off the ocean.” C.E.
“Beautiful. I don’t know about the name but I see the sun and the ocean in a dance of love.” E.M.M.
“Smoke on the water.” N.E.
“Spiritual Dance — light as air! Beautiful!” R.B.
“dancing sunlight” D.G.

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