Cliff Garden

This piece I couldn’t seem to find a name for so requested some help from Facebook Friends.  I decided on Cliff Garden.  Because there were so many people that responded with very helpful suggestions, I tossed the names in a hat and pulled one out and then sent along a print.

Cliff Garden    © 2015 ILIA. All Rights Reserved.

“such beautiful colors!!” BD
“That’s beautiful” DD
“I love the perspective viewpoint of it and the colors on dark background!” SS
“very well done” JJ
“I like all of your stuff but i think this my favorite” SA
“Love this! It’s so theta!” TD
“OH that is soooooooooooo awesome” EW
“I love this. The complementary color is perfect.” LDS
“this is beautiful” DDA
“Love it! It lights up my space!” LT
“Gorgeous!” PHR
“It looks like a Deep Undersea Garden! Actually at the darkest deepest depths of the ocean there ARE fish and corals and plants that glow in the dark and are their own sources of light.” CW
“very nice” SKA
“Wonderous! I feel there should be some spiritual name for some reason.” CWS
“Neat art! Good job!” DA
“This is awesome, best yet – just my opinion love it.” RD
“Gorgeous!” TN
“Crystals were what I first thought of when I saw the pic.” LD
“This is gorgeous!” CP
“I love this one. Stored Energy Release.” BL

© 2016-2017 ILIA. All Rights Reserved.

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