Celestial Sails - dreamscape by ILIA. Copyright 2017. All Rights Reserved.

Celestial Sails

“dream ships on an ocean of imagination.” L.J. “Dream Sails” L.J. “Celestial sails” N.E. “Phenominal!” G.B. “a fleet of dreamships” B.B. “Reaching for the stars! Having a star high goal…” L.T. “Ooh! Oasis!” P.S. “Beyond the imagination” S.A. “Something like galaxy sailing or dream sailing.” D.J. “Cosmic Sails” M.A.S. “‘To the Rescue.’ I like to […]

ocean sunset still unnamed - Copyright 2017. ILIA. All Rights Reserved.

Still Unnamed…

“This is gorgeous!” T.D. “Ethereal” M.E. “My favorite! looks like a sunset – my Mom used to say it was the ‘Hour of the Pearl’” S.S. “Dancing Smoke.” W.B. “Filaments of Joy” H.D. “Gossamer Create or WHOOSH!” R.K. “Ooh, I like it!!!” M.M. “Love it!” S.M. “Flowing and free.” L.D. “Fairy Bird” H.G. “Sunrise over […]

Emergence - dreamscape by ILIA - copyright 2017. All Rights Reserved


Here’s the comments when I posted Emergence on my Facebook page: ” I like it!” R.R. “Nice!!” G.E. すごい![translation: Awesome!] H.Y. “Wow! Love the design and colors” T.D. “It’s really pretty and futuristic!” L.M. “Really nice. Reminds me of a kaleidoscopic flower.” D.A. “Stellar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and amazing.” E.W. “Perfect name and very unique.” B.L. “Fantastic!” S.S. […]

Cliff Garden - Dreamscape by ILIA. Copyright 2017. All Rights Reserved.

Cliff Garden

This piece I couldn’t seem to find a name for so requested some help from Facebook Friends.  I decided on Cliff Garden.  Because there were so many people that responded with very helpful suggestions, I tossed the names in a hat and pulled one out and then sent along a print. Cliff Garden    © 2015 […]