Dreams of Spring

This piece is titled Dreams of Spring.  In the Southwest, spring is arriving!  I did hear that spring was a far way off in the Northern States, Canada and elsewhere! Dreams of Spring © 2016 ILIA. All Rights Reserved. “Lovely…it communicates.” AF “Love the color!!!” RR “Love your work!” LT “As always your art work […]

Wind Blown

Wind Blown is one of my latest creations.  I put it up on Facebook to ask for feedback and the following are the responses! © 2016 ILIA. All Rights Reserved. “It’s awesome!” PP “Makes me think of tumbleweeds.” AKS “Truly is windblown. Nice.” AF “Great name and beautiful!” PS “Love it it’s beautiful” CH “GORGEOUS, […]

Cliff Garden

This piece I couldn’t seem to find a name for so requested some help from Facebook Friends.  I decided on Cliff Garden.  Because there were so many people that responded with very helpful suggestions, I tossed the names in a hat and pulled one out and then sent along a print. Cliff Garden    © 2015 […]

Thanks for stopping by!

Just a quick thanks for stopping by!  Welcome to my design site!  Please be sure to visit the Home and Gallery pages to see the designs. I’ve been at the Mesa Marketplace recently with my designs and have been receiving rave comments!  It’s always nice to hear.  🙂 Today I heard: “I’ve never seen anything […]

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